What Internet Marketers Must Know About Customer Service

Offering good customer service is something that every internet marketer should do.

There is no reasons why an Internet based business should provide any different standard of customer service than other businesses. As a matter of fact, because your business is an internet business should drive you to make your customer service even better. In a world in which most sales are automated (which is probably why you got started in internet marketing in the first place), offering personalized customer service is often what will set you apart from your competitors. It’s this little detail that will turn a one time buyer into a lifetime buyer.

Here is some good advice that will allow you to enhance your customer service immediately.

It’s important to keep track of your clients if you offer a service. One of the best ways to do this is to find some customer management software, or you could even create your own database. You want to keep track of the first and last names of your clients so that you are always able to address them appropriately. Your client will surely appreciate you more when you address them as “Dear Ms. Jones.” It is, after all, much more personable than “Hello”.

When you write sales pages, web pages and send out e-mails, be sure to take the time to make them good. Correct any mistakes in spelling or grammar. When it comes to the internet, the initial impression you make on people is through your website. If you cannot take the time to make sure that your potential buyers enjoy your website and don’t have to wade through typos and errors, how can they be sure that your product is worth buying? Not everyone is good at writing; if you have to, outsource your writing! There are many places online where you can find people who write or edit; shop around and find one who can help you.

You should also have a system in place so customers can easily ask questions, make comments or ask for support. Having no contact information will reduce the number of sales you make and the number of people who return to your site. Sites that don’t have ways for customers to contact the owners appear to be untrustworthy or scams.

You can’t expect to run a business and remain completely anonymous; you have to give people some personal service. That’s why you have to provide some contact information. This does mean a little more effort on your part, but if it means more sales, isn’t it worth it? If you want to turn more of your website visitors into customers, it’s worth it to provide a certain amount of personal service. There is no reason to believe that quality customer service is difficult. If you are doing it correctly, it should not take much repeated effort and it will become second nature. You can probably offer great customer service by spending five to ten minutes each day to make sure each of your clients get what they deserve. Especially when those few additional minutes each day could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in sales for your business. When you realize that there is very little involved in offering your customers a great buying experience, you have to ask yourself why you haven’t begun already? What could you possibly lose?

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